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Natalia Photographer


   Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Natalia and I have been a photographer for 8 years. My passion for photography began when I lived in Bali, Indonesia. The beauty of that island inspired me to explore my creative side. Although my first degree was in engineering, while there I decided to get a second degree (Indonesian arts), and then to bridge my studies into photography.

  Since then, the hobby turned into a profession. Plenty of photo shoots followed. I've worked around the world (visited 30 countries and lived in 7), had publications in various glossy magazines, and even did a photo exhibition dedicated to the culture and traditions of the ethnic groups of Indonesia.

   Now, I work all over Italy (and sometimes in Greece). I'm almost sure we can find a way to communicate because I speak English, Italian, Russiansome German and Greek. I'm always happy for you to contact me to discuss how we might save your memories and emotions in beautiful pictures!                                               


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